We have been named!

American Pika with the name Tehri Parker's Pika
Little brown bat named Batty McBatface
Colorado Hookless Cactus named Tess & Hannah's Colorado Hookless Cactus
Bighorn sheep named Ginny West's bighorn sheep
Black-footed ferret named Boomer
Little brown bat named Buddy
A wolverine named Razor Pip
An American pika named Pippa the Pika
Image of the view from Vail Pass named "Wild Aware Colorado"
Canada lynx, named anonymous
Little brown bat named Eileen Dougherty
Monarch butterfly named Ginny West's Monarch
Wolverine named James Beissel's Wolverine
Monarch butterfly named Kuan Yin the Monarch Butterfly
American pika named Lauren
A wolverine named Ullr
Pika named Barbara
A boreal toad named Tess & Hannah's boreal toad
Canada lynx named Mr. Mittens
Wolverine named Sue Knight's Wolverine
Wolverine named Sean Porter's Wolverine
Prebel's meadow jumping mouse named Henry & Arlo Bailey's Prebel's Jumping Mouse
Black-footed ferret named RBG
American pika named Kevin
A monarch named Judy
Canada lynx named Stella the Lynx
Little brown bat named Eric Krszjzaniek's Little Brown Bat
A black-footed ferret named Dawson Metcalf's Black-footed Ferret
Burrowing owl named The Bill & Emmett Owl
Little brown bat named Ears
American pika named Henry & Arlo Bailey's Pika
A monarch butterfly named Wendy
A little brown bat named K. Martin's Little Brown Bat
An American pika named Oli Pika