About Biodiversity 2020

For the last 20 years, Rocky Mountain Wild has protected the rich biodiversity of the Southern Rockies.

To do this, we have started the Biodiversity 2020 campaign to help us:
Identify and map the climate refugia of the region, so we can protect the areas that will sustain biodiversity as our climate changes and population continues to grow; We will work with the conservation community to develop a shared vision and goals for protecting these areas;
Develop a legion of community scientists to assist with our work. These individuals will help us to better understand the biodiversity of our region and will become passionate advocates for our wildlife and wild lands;
Maintain and restore wildlife corridors so that species can move through the landscape to adjust for climate changes. Our two immediate priorities are protecting Wolf Creek Pass and reconnecting the habitat across I-70 on east Vail Pass;
Support the larger conservation community and individual activists with science-based tools for effective advocacy. Our tools include mapping and GIS analysis, oil and gas lease sale monitoring, fact sheets, and training.

To help us achieve these goals, Rocky Mountain Wild will be selling the naming rights for all the critical components of the biodiversity in our region. Be part of the fight for Biodiversity 2020 and buy the naming rights!*

Donate and name button

*Naming rights are symbolic and donors will not receive anything in return for their contribution – other than our sincere gratitude and a warm fuzzy feeling for helping to protect critters and their homes. All donations are tax-deductible.